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Active Tether (USDT) faucets

Our system monitors Tether faucets that are using faucetpay system. Only paying faucets are displayed here. The list is updated automatically every 5 minutes.

Paid in last hour - approximate value of USDT paid by the faucet in the last 60 minutes.
Recent payment - when was the last time this faucet sent Tether payment through faucetpay.
Popularity - this value is calculated by frequency of payments. It is assumed that the more payments the faucet is sending, the more popular it is.


#Faucet namePaid in last hour▼Recent paymentPopularity
1💧 Claim Free USDT 💧
0.35120060 USDT<5 minutes ago5/5
2Keran.Co - USDT
0.23889000 USDT<5 minutes ago5/5 - USDT
0.22543000 USDT<5 minutes ago4/5
4💎Diamond Faucet / Free Coins
0.07336000 USDT<5 minutes ago5/5
5✅ - USDT
0.05369769 USDT<5 minutes ago5/5
6🔥🐕 DogeMate 🐕🔥
0.03029150 USDT~55 minutes ago0/5
7✅ - USDT
0.01677731 USDT<5 minutes ago5/5
0.01163812 USDT<5 minutes ago0/5
9TheSatoshiFaucet - Multicoin✅
0.01096500 USDT~20 minutes ago0/5
10✅USDT Faucet - Offerwall✅
0.01068000 USDT<5 minutes ago5/5
0.00869264 USDT~20 minutes ago1/5
12EL-BOB USDT Faucet
0.00812000 USDT<5 minutes ago4/5
13@@ SkycryptoUSDT (1 min) @@
0.00490000 USDT<5 minutes ago5/5
0.00260000 USDT<5 minutes ago2/5
0.00216898 USDT~15 minutes ago3/5
16❇️ StreamBucks
0.00020000 USDT~50 minutes ago0/5
0.00000750 USDT~15 minutes ago1/5

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There are currently 17 Tether faucets on the list. Since we are automatically updating this list every 5 minutes, there may be more faucets available later. Visit this page at another time to get more free Tether.

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